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    Our company is a comprehensive business entities. Enterprises have the fire-resistant insulation, environmental protection, glass products, steel and other manufacturing and construction capacity. Enterprises located in the famous pottery on the east bank of beautiful Taihu, transport facilities, the company employed 750 people, including senior professional and technical staff account for 20%, business 70 years since the plant has been friends and brothers at home and abroad unit support and help of all staff by hard business the company has become a domestic production base of high-grade refractories. 

       Our company can produce eight series of 168 brands of refractory products, high-grade sintered refractory products 50%, non-sintered refractory products 25%, 25% of unshaped refractory materials, the existing 60.8 m ultra high temperature tunnel kiln 2, 60m3, 30m3 , 18m3, 12m3, 8m3 each one down draft kiln, 12m3, 10m3, 8m3 comb kiln all three. Forming well-equipped, the existing 1,000 tons, 630 tons, 400 tons, 315 tons, high-pressure molding equipment and other large tonnage of the multiple. Now and has built first-class product research and testing equipment for the company's technical reserves and laid a foundation. 

        For the development of the industry trends and characteristics, we will be based on customer needs and expectations of the customer satisfaction orientation, the planned way products and services, innovation and development of products and services to exceed customer expectations, to maximize customer satisfaction to expanding enterprises survive. 

        My company is "dedicated pragmatic, pursuit of excellence" spirit of enterprise, quality, good faith, observe the contract, establish a good corporate image, in the same industry with high visibility, market share increase year by year. In addition, to the sustainable development of enterprises, we understand the need to establish a modern enterprise management concepts, in particular, is to establish a new quality concept of customer satisfaction, an advanced enterprise management system, customer satisfaction oriented, the implementation of customer satisfaction strategy pursue the maximization of customer satisfaction. To this end, the company implementing the ISO9001: 2000 standard; has been established, running customer satisfaction strategy, the quality management system and continually improve its effectiveness. As a subsystem of the company's management to ensure the continued stability of our products and services to meet customer and applicable regulatory requirements to achieve customer satisfaction and creating, expanding loyal customer base of corporate objectives and strategic goals, and now the whole company staff, in Under the leadership of general manager, insisted, "every man for customer due diligence, everything to satisfy customers" concept, and improve enterprise management, product and service quality, excellence, to provide customers with quality products and services for enterprises to create more loyal customers, businesses and staff to create a better tomorrow.

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